Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And Again!!

                                                                 Here's my sad car.
                                            My friend Rob playing the guitar in the pawn shop.
                                                       Suzanne's Special Sunday School
                                 They will be great parents...they found out London likes Funyuns.
                                                  And then things got a little out of control

         The little kids FLEW.  I missed the air in the pictures I took, but this one shows a little of the action.
                                     Lunch at Bridge's elementary school, such a fun playground!

So here is a quick summary of a few things. 

It's become practice in the Taylor family, to have a special sunday school class when there's a family event.  It started when my nephew Josh left on his mission.  After Sacrament Meeting, the teen-ager grandkids and a few adults skipped Sunday School and headed out to the lawn.  We had chips and sat on the blanket while we shared some thoughts.  It's continued for each mission departure are return home.  The crew grows each time.  I even pulled a few kids out of Primary to make sure they were there.  It is so fun to get to share thoughts, and testimonies about the gospel, especially when we're celebrating missionary work, and the incredible message that we really do have to share as members.  It's one of my favorite things. 

One of my regrets is not taking pictures of the event 2 years ago when the blanket toss happened.  It was Jake's departure, just happened.  So I took pictures this time.  It was a fantastic celebration to end his mission.  Oh, we were laughing so hard.  And the meeting we had was incredible.  We talked about General Conference.  I'm glad we get a little mix of everything when we're together.

It was such a miracle that I even got to go home.  A friend in my ward in AZ had bought a ticket to Idaho Falls for this weekend, but moved, so he couldn't use the ticket, but could transfer the ticketholder.  He asked me.  So kind and generous.  I arrived in Idaho Falls, and just hung around with my family, even having a little sleep-over with the grandkids.  Went to a swim meet - not quite the Olympics, but very cool to watch my nephews.  More playing, then a fun trip to the golf course.  Perfect day.  Delicious BBQ and fun conversation.  Pazooki's.  BYU v Utah game (go Utes!)  Church.  Bill & Genie all to myself for the evening.  Such a treat to be with my family.  I love them, and I love how fulfilled I feel when I'm with them.  

Special Delivery!!

  One of the coolest things happened today....this lovely little book showed up in my mailbox.  hahahahahahahahaha!!   This special delivery totally made my day.  Someone out there...thank you, thank you, thank you.  Such a sweet gesture, and very secretive...and so highly appreciated.  I'm excited to read the last chapter!!!  Thanks for looking out for me.  I've had that feeling for a while in a lot of different circumstances.  And not to get sappy or anything, but just the kindness that has been shown to me has been overwhelming at times.  :0)  So watch out for FULL book review!!

Sights & Sounds

Just needed to share some pictures.  I just love my family.  They are the best.  And with them, I've seen some beautiful places, and been highly entertained.  Last weekend I got to huge, awesome chance to go home for the weekend.  Pictures to come later.  There have been some huge blessings. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

10 Stupid Things Women do to Mess Up Their Lives

It's a book.

Sounds like a good read, eh?

I've had it on my shelf for years.  Dr. Laura (I'm not even going to spell her last name, because I can't) is a radio personality who used to host therapy on her show.  I have 2 general memories about my dad and getting in his pick-up.  Either Rush Limbaugh was on, or Dr. Laura.  So I had a little exposure to her growing up.  She's quite the lady. 

One morning, I was just staring at my bookshelf, and my eyes kept coming back to this book.  So I started reading it.  She goes through 10 things women do in their lives that adds extra baggage and heartache to our lives...which is stupid.  She uses a lot of examples from her talk show, people calling in and being fed up with their relationship and that moment of realization of, "yeah, that was stupid of me, what was I thinking..." 

The chapters go through being stupid in not having self-esteem and relying on a less-than-par guy to give you that.  Not going to happen.  Having babies to make a guy stay, not having any goals but only following his, not being yourself, putting guys before children.  Although a lot of these situations will not happen for me, there is a lot of truth in all of it that we can be smart and avoid.

My problem in reading this is that I will never finish the book.


It got stolen.
Out of my car.

Yep, I was on the last chapter of the book, and had it in my gym bag, on the front seat of my car.  When I left work, I saw glass everywhere by my passenger door.  Are you kidding me?  It was a mess.  All they took was my favorite black bag, my favorite workout ensemble...including my favorite sports bra, and that book.  Stupid thing I did to mess up my life was leave my workout clothes in my room.  Or was it needing to workout...not sure.  The thing is, I totally thought earlier that day, "don't leave that on the front seat."  Grr.  The whole ordeal was quite devastating.  I was already a mess that week because of stupid things men do to mess up their lives.  Otherwise, I'm sure I wouldn't have just sat in my backyard and sobbed.  Kind of pathetic, but I think we all have our breaking points, and clearly someone breaking into my car is mine.  But all in all, it was a good experience. I have some great people in my life as a support.  Not a stupid thing to do.

I recommend the book...let me know how that last chapter is :0)