Thursday, November 1, 2012


I was fortunate enough to a really versatile wig for Halloween this year. 
Top picture is me as...a teacher that I had in elementary school.
Second picture...housewife, but others  thought I was Betty Crocker, Julia Child and Mrs. Fields. 

Story #2

Well, we luckily have moved on to the next story of this season of online dating.

This guy was super cute in his first email that he sent to me.  Next email, he cuts right to the point and says "would you like to get to know me better?"  Uh, I guess so, that's why we're on here, right?  So I send him back a big ol' email with lots of information gladly given about myself and asked him several questions.  And how does he respond? 

Here's my number.
Texting is a better way to communicate

First:  I appreciate his boldness
Second:  Validate my information I just shared with you, and answer me.

So I didn't respond.
He manned up and answered my questions and jumped through my hoop.

Yesterday he texts me.  It was a simple, easy conversation about stuff.
This morning, 730, he texts me:               Oh, and spelling has not been modernized.  H = him, M = me

H:  So if you were in an ideal situation how many kids do you think you would wand
H:  By the way i am up late and up early
8:48  M:  Wow...quite the question for so early in the morning.  2 of my friends are pregnant right now, and hearing the stories of children.  haha.  I would just be honored to be a mom.  I can't say a number.
8:50  H:  More than one ?
8:50  H:  No work today ?
8:51  H:  I forget are you 31
8:54  M:  More than one would be great.  Working today. And I'm only 29.
8:55  H:  Am i too intense for you
8:58  H:  only 29 very young .. Getting a lot of 40 and 50 year old guys sending messages ?
8:59  M: Too intense? Just quicker with questions than most.
9:01  H:  I like questions.  Asking and getting asked questions .. I can tell more about a person by what they ask than how they answer a question .
9:02  H:  And yes i can be rapid fire .. I bring high energy to an environment . Not loud just high energy
9:03  H:  My talent from my father in heaven is being a dad .. I was born a natural at it
9:37  H:  Are you smiling at any me this
9:40  H:  Any of this i ment .. Ok ill be calm its just boring .. I do not own a tv . I rarely watch movies . Any time you would like to stop talking with me just
9:40  H:  say or ill just keep going
9:41  H:  Never mind a wont be calm
9:48  H:  My brother just told me i need to compliment you more. What do you think ?
12:31  H:  Hello i little too much huh
12:32  H:  Do you have lunch the same time every day
12:36  H:  I like to push buttons when i first get to know people see how they react
1:17  M:  Wow.  You sent a lot of texts. Less is sometimes more. And pushing buttons isn't awesome :0) And I take lunch whenever it works out.
1:19  H:  Cool .. Ill leave you alone now . Thanks for your time-honoured
1:20  H:  Ha ha time .. Phone added that . You are now deleted
1:36  M:  Wow.  That was fast.  Ok.  Take care.
1:38  H:  I am fast but we wont work .. I am looking for a wife .. You take care too

Ultimate speed dating relationship. 
It was exhausting.  I'm glad I got to come along with him for the relationship.
And what exactly about this conversation let him know that we won't work out, and also that I'm not wife material?  Not replying to messages quickly enough?  Thoughts?

Thursday, October 25, 2012


So, I decided to try online dating again.

My first email arrived, so excited!

And then I read his profile.

He was in his 40s.  Didn't finish college.  Writer.  Has 2 kids at home.  Light brown hair.  Hazel eyes. 
"Plenty of me to love"
And surprisingly no picture.

I hate online dating.
Why am I doing this? 
Maybe I should just find a mail-order husband. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012


For most of my life, I've had the idea that getting asked out on a date by a guy who rides a motorcycle is one of the hottest things. 

I have been proven wrong.


Although the young man may be attractive, the results of riding a motorbike are not.

1. You take the time to get all cute and ready, and then he shows up on a bike. 
        a. you can't bring a purse
                 i.  no gum for after dinner
                 ii. no chapstick to soothe the windburn (and that is all)
        b. cramming your head in a helmet
                 i.  safety first, but putting your hair in a pony tail right after fixing it is a cardinal sin
                 ii. let's say the helmet you use is the one he uses all the time
                          A. sweet, but lots of sweatiness
                          B. still upset about having to put my hair in a ponytail to avoid the snarls
                 iii. pulling said helmet off your head.  Don't know how to make that look good.
         c. turns out it's not that easy to get on said motorcycle.  No grace involved. 
2. It's easy to lose the a foam the indoor trampoline arena
3. And then the bike stops.  From what I've been counseled on,  put your hands on the gas tank so your bodyweight doesn't slam up against the driver.  Getting a forearm workout on a date...not hot.
4. Exhaust.  Also, not hot.

Just keep these tidbits in mind.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And Again!!

                                                                 Here's my sad car.
                                            My friend Rob playing the guitar in the pawn shop.
                                                       Suzanne's Special Sunday School
                                 They will be great parents...they found out London likes Funyuns.
                                                  And then things got a little out of control

         The little kids FLEW.  I missed the air in the pictures I took, but this one shows a little of the action.
                                     Lunch at Bridge's elementary school, such a fun playground!

So here is a quick summary of a few things. 

It's become practice in the Taylor family, to have a special sunday school class when there's a family event.  It started when my nephew Josh left on his mission.  After Sacrament Meeting, the teen-ager grandkids and a few adults skipped Sunday School and headed out to the lawn.  We had chips and sat on the blanket while we shared some thoughts.  It's continued for each mission departure are return home.  The crew grows each time.  I even pulled a few kids out of Primary to make sure they were there.  It is so fun to get to share thoughts, and testimonies about the gospel, especially when we're celebrating missionary work, and the incredible message that we really do have to share as members.  It's one of my favorite things. 

One of my regrets is not taking pictures of the event 2 years ago when the blanket toss happened.  It was Jake's departure, just happened.  So I took pictures this time.  It was a fantastic celebration to end his mission.  Oh, we were laughing so hard.  And the meeting we had was incredible.  We talked about General Conference.  I'm glad we get a little mix of everything when we're together.

It was such a miracle that I even got to go home.  A friend in my ward in AZ had bought a ticket to Idaho Falls for this weekend, but moved, so he couldn't use the ticket, but could transfer the ticketholder.  He asked me.  So kind and generous.  I arrived in Idaho Falls, and just hung around with my family, even having a little sleep-over with the grandkids.  Went to a swim meet - not quite the Olympics, but very cool to watch my nephews.  More playing, then a fun trip to the golf course.  Perfect day.  Delicious BBQ and fun conversation.  Pazooki's.  BYU v Utah game (go Utes!)  Church.  Bill & Genie all to myself for the evening.  Such a treat to be with my family.  I love them, and I love how fulfilled I feel when I'm with them.  

Special Delivery!!

  One of the coolest things happened today....this lovely little book showed up in my mailbox.  hahahahahahahahaha!!   This special delivery totally made my day.  Someone out there...thank you, thank you, thank you.  Such a sweet gesture, and very secretive...and so highly appreciated.  I'm excited to read the last chapter!!!  Thanks for looking out for me.  I've had that feeling for a while in a lot of different circumstances.  And not to get sappy or anything, but just the kindness that has been shown to me has been overwhelming at times.  :0)  So watch out for FULL book review!!

Sights & Sounds

Just needed to share some pictures.  I just love my family.  They are the best.  And with them, I've seen some beautiful places, and been highly entertained.  Last weekend I got to huge, awesome chance to go home for the weekend.  Pictures to come later.  There have been some huge blessings. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

10 Stupid Things Women do to Mess Up Their Lives

It's a book.

Sounds like a good read, eh?

I've had it on my shelf for years.  Dr. Laura (I'm not even going to spell her last name, because I can't) is a radio personality who used to host therapy on her show.  I have 2 general memories about my dad and getting in his pick-up.  Either Rush Limbaugh was on, or Dr. Laura.  So I had a little exposure to her growing up.  She's quite the lady. 

One morning, I was just staring at my bookshelf, and my eyes kept coming back to this book.  So I started reading it.  She goes through 10 things women do in their lives that adds extra baggage and heartache to our lives...which is stupid.  She uses a lot of examples from her talk show, people calling in and being fed up with their relationship and that moment of realization of, "yeah, that was stupid of me, what was I thinking..." 

The chapters go through being stupid in not having self-esteem and relying on a less-than-par guy to give you that.  Not going to happen.  Having babies to make a guy stay, not having any goals but only following his, not being yourself, putting guys before children.  Although a lot of these situations will not happen for me, there is a lot of truth in all of it that we can be smart and avoid.

My problem in reading this is that I will never finish the book.


It got stolen.
Out of my car.

Yep, I was on the last chapter of the book, and had it in my gym bag, on the front seat of my car.  When I left work, I saw glass everywhere by my passenger door.  Are you kidding me?  It was a mess.  All they took was my favorite black bag, my favorite workout ensemble...including my favorite sports bra, and that book.  Stupid thing I did to mess up my life was leave my workout clothes in my room.  Or was it needing to workout...not sure.  The thing is, I totally thought earlier that day, "don't leave that on the front seat."  Grr.  The whole ordeal was quite devastating.  I was already a mess that week because of stupid things men do to mess up their lives.  Otherwise, I'm sure I wouldn't have just sat in my backyard and sobbed.  Kind of pathetic, but I think we all have our breaking points, and clearly someone breaking into my car is mine.  But all in all, it was a good experience. I have some great people in my life as a support.  Not a stupid thing to do.

I recommend the book...let me know how that last chapter is :0)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Looking back

Last week I had the pleasure of going home to Idaho for a family reunion.  It was such a fun week.  The first day, we all loaded up on a travel bus and drove up to Jackson WY.  Beautiful up there.  We did some hiking and listened to the Bar J Wranglers.  Perfect day.  As I thought about the experience, I was led to this train:

Last month of so, I attended my dear friend Carly's wedding in the Mesa AZ LDS Temple.  After the ceremony, the sealer had the beautiful couple look in the mirrors that are on either side of the alter.  "What do you see?"  Carly: me.  Laughter ensued.  Apparently the right answer is "us" followed by "eternity."  It's a pretty cool thing to think of yourself as in the middle of endless reflections, which encompasses the teachings of eternal marriage.  

As we sat on the bus, almost all 50 of my family members, it really brought into perspective what this means.  My parents stood at the front and looked back at us.  Without them, and their decisions, we wouldn't be here.  We wouldn't all be packed onto a bus, being loud, singing ridiculous songs, laughing, eating laffy taffy, putting small children in the overhead bins, falling asleep on each other, talking, and watching a movie without sound because the driver didn't know how to get that to work.  Because of their diligence, they are very literally standing in front of a mirror that will extend for eternity.  With the people that they love so deeply sitting there, this is what eternity can look like.  Seeing faces.  Knowing the people.  Enjoying the ride.
Kind of a bad shot, I never got to the front, that's where the adults sat.  That's a mess of kids.
Check out this talk:
 Gerrit W. Gong, "Temple Mirrors of Eternity: A Testimony of Family", Ensign, Nov. 2010, 36–38

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sexual Harassment

At my work, I gave them my 2 week notice.  And this was right before my new manager left for Iran for holiday.  She came back and got nervous that I only had 4 days left of work.  So yesterday, they hired Seth to come in. 

A lot of cologne and a few hours later, he asked about smoke breaks.  Clearly I don't smoke, so I go to ask my manager and she says we don't have smoke breaks.  A little while later, she lets us know that it's okay, but please don't smoke where anyone can see you.  Cool.  But he didn't take a break and you could see him get so nervous and agitated.  It wasn't until a commercial was on the tv playing "yankee doodle" in a very flute-like manner, that this agitation exploded.  "What is that sound!?!?!?"  Wow.  I stepped back and explained to him the tv.  Wow.

Before I left for lunch, I was informed that he wasn't going to be asked to come back.

Why?  Because he's a smoker?

Nope, the boss wants a female to answer the phone.


Yep.  That happened.
Just another reason I am glad to be leaving this job.

Oh, and the replacement we got's his sister. 

Monday, July 9, 2012


First off, I bought a new pair of shoes.  But it's like I got 2 for 1.  I can't consistently tell what color they are. Sometimes they look black, sometimes they look brown.  Fantastic!  But also annoying.

One of the new shirts I bought has been begging me to wear it.  I have almost worn it several times, but decided that I would wait for the 4th of July.  It's important to wear a cute outfit on this holiday, as with any holiday.  On July 2, I was looking at it hanging in my closet.  Admiringly, of course.  I noticed the tag.  "Julie's Closet."  What are the chances?  How precious.  It was meant to be.  Then I noticed a little extra print: MATERNITY.  What!?!?!?  I totally tried on a maternity shirt AND bought it!  I could not stop laughing.  Mentally, I tried to shirk the meaning.  It looked fine in the dressing room.

My mom does have an interesting observation though:  clothes for pregnant women accentuate the belly.  Clothes meant to hide the belly aren't found in the regular clothing sections.  Guess I found that out...and bought the maternity shirt.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


In response to a comment made about my skin, and me maybe needing to be in the Slytherin House at Hogwarts, I just want you all to know that I took the Sorting Hat quiz...not the official one at, but pretty close, and it turns out I would be in the Slytherin House.  Interesting.

And, I think my ears grew.  It's believed that your ears and nose never stop growing.  I have noticed my ears looking a little longer than usual lately, and it's worrying me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I like to challenge myself to various things.
Usually I rock it, but oftentimes I learn that I have no will power.

Case 1: let's not eat sugar for the month of June.  With Sunday as a free day.  Made it through all of Sunday, and Monday until 5:30.  So I altered my personal proposal.  Just one treat a day.  Then, I decided that wouldn't really cut it.  So I said no pop.  That lasted for 1.5 weeks.  Noble.  Right?  And as I'm sipping on my Diet Coke, I'm not ashamed of myself.

Case 2: I found this diet thing on pinterest.  Love pinterest.  It was a 7 day challenge to lose 10 pounds.  Worth a shot, right?  Day one - only fruit.  Day two - only vegetables.  Day three - fruits and vegetables.  Day four - bananas and milk/yogurt.  Day five - fowl and tomatoes.  Day six - foul and vegetables.  Day seven - miracle soup.  Each day, I ate what I was supposed to, and then ate the wrong food late that night because I was so hungry.  The miracle soup...made it 4 days later, and it's all still sitting in the fridge.

Case 3:  here's a success story.  I decided to wear every single outfit in my closet.  Yesterday, I finished that challenge, and here I am, in a new outfit as a reward to myself.  I got a lot of questions about the sweaters I was wearing in 110 degree heat.  Luckily, the AC is so cold in my office, so I can handle the 3 minutes I might spend outside everyday in a sweater.

So ha!  I do have a little will power.

And what happens to the end of the plastic thing that you pull out with the tag on new clothes?  They always seem to disappear before I can retrieve them.  Makes me feel kind of sad for them.  Something to think about.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Every where we go, we leave a piece of ourselves.  I like that concept.  Our influence should be felt.  Whether that's good or bad, it happens.

Well, it just so happens, that I've been leaving a lot of myself everywhere lately.  I have been peeling, so bad.  It all happened on Memorial Day.  A group of us went to float the Salt River.  Now, I've floated many a body of water, so it came a surprise when there were roughly a million people on the river.  Shuttles were involved.  Payment was necessary.  And marshmallows were required. 

Arizonians don't mess around with their one body of water.  This is serious business. 
Party Islands are blown up and carried to the water entry point.  Beer is secured in coolers, and music is provided from water-proof containers.  All the tubes are tied together and cloth is secured on the tubes to prevent from burning.  Good call, that does hurt.

And we all floated down the 1.5 miles of river.  I actually have no idea how long it was, but it was a several hour adventure.  Oh, and the marshmallows.  You just throw them at fellow floaters.  Kind of disgusting.  And at one point, a piece of bread was stuck in my mostly deflated tube with me.  Ew. 

So, a lot of sun, no sunscreen, first real exposure to the sun for a while, gets Julie a wee bit fried.  Oh man.  It's been a really long time since this has happened.  So it was kind of fun. 

But secretly, and openly, I love it.  I love the end result of just peeling.  Disgusting?  Some of you may agree.  Others, feel the same way as me.  There is something satisfying about it.  There's probably some clinical word for it, or diagnosis for it. 

So I'm leaving my mark on this city.  Something fun to think about, eh?  :0)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Book Entry

First is really easy to start a new blog.  I start one every time I try to write a new post. 

Secondly, turns out I don't have much time to read books anymore.  Ultra sad.  Plus, I moved further away from the library, so the draw isn't there as much. 

But never fear, here are some books that I've recently read.

Immortal Series: City of Bones, City of Ash, City of Glass.  The first 3 books of the series.  It was a fun read.  Nothing too complex.  Vampires and Shadow Hunters.  A weird love story.  A few, actually.  The overthrow/struggle with the bad guy.  If you're looking for an easy read, this is it.  There are 2 more books in the series, but I just can't do it.  Kind of maxed out after a while with it.

A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  Actually didn't finish this one.  It's still on my nightstand.  We read it for book club, and I just didn't get it finished.  Kind of an intriguing story.  A lot of made up words.  Which isn't a bad thing, but turns out I just don't really like alien kind of stuff.  Good to find out about myself.  The movie was kind of fun, but I did fall asleep.  No fault of the movie's...I always fall asleep.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.  Another book club book.  It had pictures in it!  That was fun!  It's about a boy trying to discover his grandfather's past.  The pictures highlight the children he knew.  It was a fun book.  Since my parents will be in town next week for the actual meeting of the book club, they have the assignment to read it.  This makes me more excited.

The Night Circus.  I wanted to read this for book club, but got voted off.  It's about magicians in a competition where they don't really know the parameters of this competition.  But they create a pretty rockin' circus.  A few little love stories.  I was pretty intrigued the whole time.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I don't get excited about too much, but Zupas is a restaurant that I go berserk for. There is just too much goodness going on.

I was discussing my love for this restaurant with my friend Marci, another huge fan of the establishment, and she enlightened me with a second restaurant in AZ opening up, and 50% off the bill promotion.  We made plans to go and partake.

We drove the 45 minutes there, complete with new tunes she burned for the drive, and found that the whole neighborhood was there.  We patiently waited in line, already knowing what we wanted without looking at the menu.  We found out that a drawing would be happening, every 15 minutes and the winner would get a $25 gift card.  I sized up the competition, judging, and knowing that I would beat all of them.  It's a drawing after all, there's a lot of skill involved. After ordering like the professionals we are, we filled out the form and got going on enjoying this delicious food.  Thai Peanut Chicken Salad and Tomato Basil Soup with orzo pasta.  Yum.

The time arrived for the drawing, and I may have said a little prayer, and they called my name!!  I yelled in happiness, Marci stood up and yelled in happiness, the entire restaurant went silent and stared at us and then I ran to claim my prize.  It was one of the happiest moments of my life.  They even took our picture.  We bragged to them about going to every single location, etc., and how it took us so long to get there.  And they gave us a mug with some soup to make.  Favorite customers?  I think so!

Then, they shared with us the best news of all.  They will be opening a location in the Dana Park Shopping Center.  Did I just hear angels start to sing again upon me recounting this?  If I could, I would live in Dana Park.  Barnes and Noble, Anthropology, Philosophy, Z Gallery, Sauce, Pei Wei, Costa Vida, plus the posh AJ's Grocery Store.  I could spend all day there, and I have.  And now to have a Zupas coming there!?!?  It's comparable to having a temple announced!  Bliss.  I really have found the promised land.

And I would like to give a shout-out to an awkward blind-date, who taught me that when entering drawings, to crumple the paper.  It's easier to grab and your likeliness of winning increases.  He also wanted to discuss what he would like to name his children on that date.  It was a great time.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Turns out I work with a bunch of really classy people.

What qualifies them you may ask?

A few days ago, we were requested to call the cops if the wife of one of our clients showed up.  There's a restraining order in place and she had attacked him earlier that day.  She came, alright, totally inebriated.  Wow.  She's been calling a lot, too.

The next day, I compliment a lady on her outfit looking nice.  Oh, she had court herself that day.  Why?  Oh, after spending the night in jail for domestic disturbance, she had 5 charges...4 of which were dropped.


Thursday, May 31, 2012

A knife little story

Last weekend, one of my favorite people came to visit me.  Okay, she really came for a wedding, but I got to pick her up from the airport.  We will call her Ginger.  She really is one of the best people I know, and she thinks I'm funny and great, so naturally, I think the same of her...but it's legitimate.  Plus, she makes me do and say silly things that I don't normally say.  It's a good relationship.

We hit up the local flea market.  This place is HUGE!  We looked around for such a long time, enjoying the fancy t-shirts, belt buckles, head scratchers, and various Arizona paraphernalia.  We ended up at a cooking show.  It was perfect timing, because the demonstrator was just getting ready to let us taste the food.  We somehow became friends with the demonstrator and enjoyed some good bantering.  Then came the raffle.  I got to pick one of the numbers, and I picked Ginger's number!!  It was a fancy bread knife.  I was jealous.  Luckily, she regifted it to me!  How about that?!?!!?  It's actions like this that determine best friend status.  That, and TSA doesn't allow knives.

So, if you need bread cut, let me know.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I keep myself on my toes

Sometimes I think I'm pretty normal, and then, the 10:00 hour hits, and all bets are off.  Today's example...I decided that green beans would really hit the spot.  What?!?!  And they did!  That's the worst part!  Slightly disgusting, but surprisingly tasty.  It may be time to go to the grocery store.

And, I came out of retirement.  I'm regretting that choice, but hoping the retail therapy that will happen when the first paycheck comes will help me cope with that decision.  It's not an ideal job, and I may be overqualified for it, but who doesn't like the opportunity to answer phones, stock coffee flavors AND get micromanaged?  That's what I thought :0)

BUT, I discovered a few things in my driving to work: 1) it's hard to drive and eat cereal, especially when it comes to drinking the milk. 2) 97.3 FM is a 24/7 comedy radio station.  How grand is that!?!?  Laughter really makes the drive go by quickly. Technically, this is a couple of things.  I'll keep my eyes out though and share them as they come. 

Friday, May 11, 2012


I finally finished LOST.  It has been a long time.  I started season 1 at Thanksgiving of 2006 and last week finished the final season.  I can't say that I was totally pleased with how it ended.  Much too sappy.  But it was a fun ride.  And it was even better that I would convince my roommate to watch one more episode.  Every time.  Overall, I have learned that I never remember the flight number on all my trips.  Ever.  I have tried, and it just isn't in me.  Yet, everyone on this island, and many others do.  How?  I've decided to not make this a lifelong goal of mine.  And I'm not going to try and remember who everyone on my flight was.  Although, I may be willing to name future children after some of the characters. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dear Abby

Three questions have been going through my head all day long and I can't make sense of them.  If you have any counsel, please feel free so give me some advice :0) 

Dear Abby,

1) if you were to be outside, and you hear a person berating their dog, and possible throwing rocks at them, what is the best way to handle the situation?  I chose to not do anything, which I'm not condemning myself for yet, I'm sure that will come later.  But I haven't ever dealt with this before, and I really have no idea how I should've acted.  If it was a kid, you bet I'd say something.  Is a dog any less than a kid?  Did I really see what was happening?  Nope.  Breaks my heart.  Ok, the condemning is coming.  Dang it.

2) how do you respond to a person that you don't like?  Each time you are around them, you find yourself being less nice.  Clearly this person doesn't deserve to be treated as such, but I can't shake it.  Advice.

3) and lastly, someone wants to move in with you.  You know it's not going to be a good situation.  And the potential for not getting along is pretty high, yet you are desperate to have someone help pay rent. And maybe it won't be that bad and you just have a tendency to make things higher drama than they need to be.

Dog-tired of not coming up with any answers.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Overdue Book Review

I haven't stopped reading, I promise.  I've read a few books in the last little while, but I'm not sure which ones I haven't told you about.  Here are a few:

The Devil in the White City - fascinating.  The true story of the World's Fair in Chicago combined with a creepy guy who kills women.  It was a pretty good read, and the facts were fun.  Definitely interesting.
The Shell Seekers:  this was the large print book.  Which made me feel like the fastest reader ever.  Not the most exciting book.  Kind of depressing, actually.
Bossy Pants:  the autobiography of Tina Fey.  Which happens to be one of the funniest ladies ever.  Cute books.
Enna Burning:  The sequel book to "Goose Girl."  Cute book as well
Flipped:  Absolutely adorable.  It's a 2-sided book of teenage neighbors.  So fun to read.
Letters to my 16-year-old self:  Quick read, bun to read what some people would say to themselves after they've reached their success.  It was annoying at sometimes, but often the people wanted to tell themselves to be okay with who they are and develop better relationships with their families.
Scorpions for Breakfast:  As an Arizona resident, I now care about the immigration issues...right?  This is written by the governor, Jan Brewer.  She may have been a bit dramatic about what's going on with immigration, but there is definitely an issue right now.
Cinderella Ate My Daughter:  Interesting.  I agree with some of her points, and it's crazy to learn more about advertising and the way they've changed so much of our lives.
Ender's Game:  Fun little book that we had for book club.
Lovely Bones: still not sure how I feel about this one.
Tipping Point:  Always fun to read Malcolm Gladwell.  Another good book.  He focuses on what makes something a success or a failure. 
Blink:  And another by Malcolm Gladwell.  This one's about our thought processes, and how quickly they can happen.
Maisie Dobbs:  Recommendation from my Mom.  It was a cute book, not as much of a mystery as I was thinking it would be, but it was a good read.

There might be more, but this I think catches me up for a while.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Call to Repentance

Confession:  sometimes I don't like to answer the phone.   

Well, the other day, I was deciding to take a nap, and my phone started to ring, I looked at who was calling, and did a quick mental check of why she would be calling.  I couldn't think of anything, and having a chip on my shoulder about something, I put the phone down, and went to sleep.  20 minutes later, I listened to the voicemail.  She was in such a huge bind and needed a ride somewhere important.  Luckily, I was able to call her back and we were able to make it to her appointment, just a few minutes late.

Now, I know that I can't be there for everyone, all the time, that's impossible and unreasonable to think.  But I still do, AND this time, I chose to not even reach out to be of service.  I avoided it.  And I felt like such a jerk, and still kind of do.  I have been called to repentance, no pun intended, but it's catchy. 

There is a story of President Monson of how he had kind of been putting off a prompting all day long, and finally went to do it.  It was to visit someone in the hospital, and when he got there, the person just just passed away.  He was heartbroken and devastated.  But he made a promise to never put off a prompting again.  And he has blessed so many lives because of his skill in hearing the prompting of the spirit and acting.

Now, I know I'm not comparable to President Monson, but I feel a little of what he felt.  It has been a hard pill for me to swallow and I still feel very humbled by the experience.   I hope that all of us can find and act on opportunities to serve, and not let person biases stop us from serving.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nice Discovery

I recently began the interesting adventure of Bikram Yoga.  90 minutes of yoga in a 105 degree room.  Disgusting?  Perhaps.  But the nice treat for my first visit was the instructor, Nathan.  He was a tall, lean man of about 27.  When I came into the studio, he was behind the counter, so I was taken aback when he came around the corner and I saw the whole picture.  He was wearing nothing but the smallest pair of tan, velvet shorts that I have ever seen.  His beautiful ponytail cascading down his back.  Wow.  It was like meeting Tarzan, or at least the guy from "The World's Greatest Athlete." (which, is actually a very funny Disney movie).  Distracting.  I couldn't look at him.  At all.  He had quite the soothing voice throughout the exercising, but what made it so much sweeter, was in the final relaxation pose (laying on your back, hands open, feet open and just focusing on your breath), he sang a sweet lullaby to us.  I am only familiar with the song from the fantastic movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", another Disney classic.  I had the hardest time not laughing.  I didn't think anyone else knew this song, let alone use it to sing to a random group of people who are beyond sweaty messes. 

So, the discovery.  Upon looking up the words to the song for my brother, I found this:
A nice clip from the movie.  Which led me to this:
Someone else singing it!  What?  Which led me to this:
This Stacey Kent lady is actually quite good.  I like her music.  It was a neat discovery. 

So thank you creepy yoga instructor in a small piece of fabric for singing a beautiful lullaby for me to mock so I could find this new singer.
I am excited for tomorrow's outfit!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Tiny Hand

This needs to be shared.

A big hand to Jake Tripp for sharing this gem with me.
(think scout meeting when I say 'big hand', ha ha!)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wedding Season Begins

This last weekend I was able to attend my nephew Jordan's wedding in Idaho. It was a classic Idaho day...snowed about 4 inches that morning and was freezing cold. But it was so fun to get to see Jordan and Janessa make covenants with each other for eternity. And it's always fun to get to be with the family.
The beautiful couple.
And the lovely Carly. She officially got engaged on Sunday, April 1. I am so happy for her! Here we are at my birthday breakfast...with chocolate cake. I will miss her being single, but the guy she is marrying is beyond perfect for her. Makes me so very happy.
Nothing to do with marriage, but I am in love with this kid. Logan. He makes me feel like a million bucks. Always calling my name, wondering where I am, even when I'm not around.
And of course, little London. She is a beautiful baby, and is so sweet. And how can so many clothes look so cute on her?

It was so good to be home for the wedding. Another treat was having my brother-in-law Chad come up on Friday night from Utah. He was in town for his grandfather's funeral, which is sad, but we scored big time that he would drive 3 hours to come and see us. He's been deployed withe the US Air Force, and it's going to suck to have him gone for 6 months, so it was such a blessing that he could come and visit us, and that so many of us were around because of the wedding. Things work out sometimes. Plus, we got to have hawaiian haystacks for dinner that night! I love my family. I'm glad I've got to spend so much time with them lately.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Doing My Part

I joined Pinterest a few months ago, and have yet to do anything with any of my pins. So I decided the other day to remedy that problem, and what did I choose to do? Make homemade butterfingers. It seemed only right. I am now a full-fledged member of the pinterest community...self declared, of course :0) Make these, and enjoy!

1 lb. candy corn
16oz jar peanut butter
16oz pkg. chocolate candy coating (or chocolate chips work)

Melt candy corn in microwave on high 1 minute. Stir and continue cooking in 15-second intervals til melted, stirring after each interval. Stir in peanut butter. Spread mixture in an 8x8 pan lined with parchment. Cool completely. Cut into squares. Dip in melted chocolate candy coating. Lay on waxed paper to set.