Monday, January 24, 2011


Friday night, I watched a lot of the tv show "Veronica Mars." I didn't mean to, it just happened. Oh, and I don't have any food in my apartment. I was left to eat pickles. Yes.

Trying to make myself feel better, I was talking to my friend for some validation on Saturday that I wasn't a total loser.

"You ate pickles!!"

Apparently that's not an appropriate thing to do.
Or being a shut in.
Not on the list of things to do.

The thing is, I don't even like pickles.

Please don't judge me.

Friday, January 21, 2011


My parents LOVE the Sizzler. Maybe more than they love their children. After 3 years of not being able to eat at this fine establishment, they have not wasted time and eat there more frequently than before. They are honored guests there (65+).

Last night, Bill & Genie came into town. They wanted to take me to dinner. I suggested that we go somewhere besides Sizzler. When they came to pick me up, my mom told me that Bill and I got to figure out where we would be going ... i.e., he didn't like my suggestion.

As we're driving down the road, I give suggestions of places we could go, trying to sell every one of them with the nice perks of the restaurant. Bill hasn't really responded and then says, "We will be here again on Tuesday night, and we'd like to take you to dinner again. We could each have a night to choose where we eat." Is my dad negotiating with me? That's my role! I told him "how about you choose tonight then." "Sizzler it is!"

He wasn't ever willing to compromise. Classic Bill move.
It's going to be fun dealing with him when he's older.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Recap

Although I don't have children, I feel like I still get to do a recap on Christmas. And because I don't have children, I get to do it as late as I want.

Nothing fancy happened, except I learned that my mom reads my blog. Hi Genie.
That being said, I got kitchen stuff for Christmas. Which was BEYOND generous because of my new favorite Christmas tradition of receiving money from my parents. I even got a waffle maker! And even though the present had Suzanne's name on it, I know it was for me.

Christmas time means sitting around watching movies to me. Luckily, we got one in on Saturday by 2:00. I was proud of the parents for jumping on board for that. Then I began a recent love affair with FRINGE. I spent the week after Christmas watching season 1, and have been working on season 2 for about a week now. It should be done by Sunday. Or Friday if I end up not doing anything...which is looking appealing. Joshua Jackson is a blessing of this last dispensation.

Every Christmas Eve the family gets together. This actually just means me, Bill, Genie and Suzanne, and whoever else might be at the house for the holiday. We have a nice meal - luckily it was funeral potatoes. My mom knows the way to my heart. The dimmed lights this year all made us really tired. We're getting old. Then we had family home evening. It's usually just a great time to discuss the Savior and the role He has played in our lives. I love the accountability that this event brings. I know my life has been deeply shaped by this. I admire my parents and my sister...and my family.

This Christmas had a little different flavor - I saw some old and dear friends. Normally when I go to Idaho, I am there to see my family, so I don't ever see anyone else...let alone the actual city of Idaho Falls. This year, a few of my friends from elementary school planned a little get together. It was so fun to see them and just hang out with them for a bit. They have been influential in my life. It makes me happy to see them and to know there's still a connection. On Sunday, I skipped Sunday School and caught up with another dear friend. That was fun. We grew up together and were roommates at college. I'm glad I have her, too. I guess it wasn't so bad interacting with people that weren't my family.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Simple Answers

This afternoon, I passed a co-worker in the hall. I asked him how he was doing "Pretty Good for a Friday."

My thoughts exactly. If it was Friday, I would be doing well - being tired on a Friday isn't so worrisome.

Ask me if I'm doing good for a Tuesday, that might not come back with a happy answer.

I guess I could be more specific, or just appreciate the positive outlook.