Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Outliers: the Story of Success, by Malcom Gladwell.

I am really digging the way this guy writes. It's so refreshing and has such interesting viewpoints. Granted, sometimes it can get a wee bit boring, but the way his books are made up, each chapter is independent. There is a common theme, but they can be read in any order. So skip away!

This was such a fun book about success and how people succeed. There is usually something that happened to get them where they are. Bill Gates didn't just decide to figure out computers, he was given some incredible opportunities growing up that allowed him to be at the peak when computers needed a change to be more "personal." Throughout the entire book, Gladwell profiles successful people and their life. No one made it to success on their own. And whether those were good forces or bad forces, they didn't just stumble upon it. I see it as a miracle...one thing building upon another until voila! Success!

Totally recommend this book. It's a pretty quick read, and will be enjoyable.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Wonder of it All

Facebook - it's an interesting place. People you would never, ever talk to in real life, feel compelled to contact you. And people randomly send messages, like this:

"Hello beautiful lady my name is ______ i just saw your profile here on facebook and i will want to know more about you, i see you to be an interesting woman which i will love to know what make's you the special woman you are today, with much affection i wait for an email from you kisses"

Bless his little heart. This man is from England, but not an English speaker. I have no clue how he found my page. It's not like there is only one Julie Taylor out there. Should I write him back? His picture isn't that bad looking.

Because of my ever so popular name, I get contacted by weirdees, looking for their friend named the same as myself. I have had a few looking for old school classmates.

Most recently, I've been "poked" by a stranger. Don't know how this happened. Don't know how to react.

I sure hope these experiences aren't isolated to just me...or am I alone?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Proud Mama

My mom thinks I'm a great problem solver.
What made her say that?

I was doing laundry in my swimming suit.

Maybe the look that she gave me said "actually daughter, that's pathetic."
Instead I interpreted that to mean that she is so proud of me.


Monday, October 17, 2011

It Tis the Season!

Pumpkin. This word is EVERYWHERE. And I like it.

With the exception of carving pumpkins, I try to enjoy pumpkin anything all year long. But I really do love the smell of it cooking.

The other night, the new roommate got a craving to make cookies at around 10:30 p.m. (I think we'll get along JUST fine) She made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Oh, how I love them. She made a rockin' several dozen, and they were delicious. Warm, melted chocolate, with some cold milk. Yum.

Some of you may have heard of my love for these cookies with orange glaze. Wow. My last place of employment had these cookies every couple of days, and for 35 cents, bring it on! My favorite was to buy 1, and then let it sit in the sun while I enjoyed my lunch (either a hawaiian haystack, or a grilled cheese sandwich). This was enough to reheat the cookie and melt the chocolate.

One day, I was sitting outside enjoying my meal with a friend. The bench we were sitting on was part of a planter, so we were right next to flowers and such. We're eating away, chatting, and I notice a wee bit of movement. My cookie was getting snatched by a mouse!! Ruined my day. And creeped me out. I hate mice.

I refuse to ever let this happen again.

Funny thing, I felt like I had told this story on here before. Sorry if I have. But I noticed that I have used this title before. I like the title. It makes me laugh. And if anyone wants to send me cookies, or share a pumpkin recipe, that's fine.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rose Colored Glasses

The first time I had ever made sense of the phrase "Rose Colored Glasses" was in the 11th grade. Ms. Love's english class. My friend made a comment about it in relation to a story we had just read and it clicked. Since then, I haven't really thought of it, except when I see pink sunglasses at the store, and I make some witty comment about it. I always laugh.

A few years ago, I got a pair of sunglasses that I only recently started to use more fully. I've been spending time outside wiht the beautiful autumn-ness and noticing how truly gorgeous everything is. Beautiful reds and deep greens...incredible. And then I for some reason take my sunglasses off and realize...hmm, this isn't as impressive without my glasses on. I wonder if I could take a picture through my sunglasses to show the beauty of what I am seeing.

I legitimately have rose colored sunglasses. And I love it! But it is always a bit depressing when I realize that the colors aren't as enhanced as I know they could look. But I have seen some really pretty things that need no enhancing...

I made it to the Grand Canyon this week. Incredible.

Is there harm in looking through life with rose colored glasses? I know we're supposed to see things as they really are, but is it bad to see things as a little better than they are? I heard this: Speak generously of others. When I look at others and only notice the bad things, danger. But when I look for the good, it makes me feel good.

I'm keeping my rose colored glasses.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Clear Sign

A really good sign that you have some really good friends: Upon moving, you receive several copies of your favorie song.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The world of online dating is still a mystery to me. For those of you who have already found love...you are lucky.

The website that I have used for this avenue of rejection has a feature called "icebreakers." Let me back up and just tell how this website works. The client takes many questionnaires. The computer then matches you with others that rank high in the areas you ranked high (social, physical, religion, area). Then, the match is delivered. The client then has the profile to look at of supposed match. Pictures and bio are in fun package (age, height, occupation, things you're passionate about, favorite sports teams, people who have influenced your life, etc.) I judge these based on if no picture is included, if they look good in the picture, and height. At this point, I can either archive them, or begin guided communication. Sounds easy, right?

Guided communication is a 4 step process. 1) 5 multiple questions. They answer and send 5 questions back. 2) "must haves and can't stands." A list of 20 things you can't stand and must have. They send theirs back. 3) 3 more open ended questions. They answer and ask you questions back. 4) email. Finally. A way to just chat. This usually follows up the open ended questions, and says "we should meet." Granted, sometimes you can skip those steps and go right to the email. But the other party has to approve of it.

Or...you can send an icebreaker! Exciting, right?
I thought this was just a little personalized note you could send someone, to, you know, break the ice. I got a few and the boys always commented on my smile. Shoot, if you think I have a great smile, I'll give you the time of day, no question. Then I got several in a row that all said the same thing. Wait a second. I look at my options to respond to the icebreaker, and it's all the same stuff. Canned icebreakers!

~I'd love to chat!
~Thanks for verifying your ID. I'd like to get to know you! (my favorite)
~Your profile brought a smile to my face! (the one I get a lot...what does that even mean?)
~Just wanted to say "hi!"
~Would you like to chat?
~Love your smile!
~Your profile got my attention...Let's chat!
~Let's get to know each other using Guided Communication first.
~You seem interesting. Why don't you finish your About Me questions?
~Great pic...would love to see more photos!

Just a few. So the icebreaker comes and I can either respond with another icebreaker back, say nothing, or start the guided communication.

As if online dating didn't displace you from the actual reality of dating enough, the icebreaker gives just one more element to be a chicken, but feel so bold. Clearly, you're online, you're desperate (okay, to a certain degree, don't want to really call myself desperate). We all know it. Just take a risk and start a conversation with the person, rather than a passive icebreaker, which means I have to then make the move and enter into guided communication with you. Mostly, I'm done with the pansies of the world. But I have to get my money's worth out of the site, so for a few more months I will have a lovely chip on my shoulder :0)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Adventures of the Day

Today was full of some interesting adventures.
I am in Idaho Falls with the parents for a few more days before the descent to Arizona. So I got together with a brother and sister for lunch. The chosen place - closed (and moved). So we met at another local restaurant and just as we're digging into the chips and salsa...the lights go out. We just start laughing. The waitress comes by and asks if we're ready to order. Really? Is the power going to come back on soon? No, but the kitchen is still functioning. So we order. The entire meal is eaten in the dark, and one candle. As we got up to leave, Bryce blew out the candle and in that exact moment, the lights came back on. Classic.

Then I went to get my car serviced. I see a friend from high school come in, but she's on the phone, so I just sit patiently until she gets off the phone. She is getting popcorn for her children, and turns around, sees me and yells, so loudly "JULIE TAYLOR!! I'll call you back." I don't think I've ever received such a welcome. The workers were happy to hear the reunion and later said "we've never had someone so excited to get their oil changed." It was a fun little chat with her.

Then I did a little shopping with my sister-in-law, attended the temple, and went to dinner with the parents.

THEN, I found my mullet wig.

Then I read "Heaven is for Real." (by Todd Burpo) Such a great story about this boy, a son of a preacher, who goes to heaven during a critical surgery. He teaches his father so much about what heaven is like. So many things made me realize how much I already know through the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ (lds.org). The mom had a miscarriage, and the boy met his sister in heaven. He never had heard about this miscarriage before. And sure enough, there are 3 distinct members of the Godhead. A part that stood out to me, was the dad was really mad at God for letting all these things happen. During that moment, God was actually blessing him in such a profound way. How often do we get mad, even though there are abundant blessings in our midst. He knows all. He is willing and does extend every amount of mercy on our behalf. The son said of Jesus "He died on the cross so everyone could come back to live with his dad." Christ lives as well, so we can all live with Heavenly Father again.