Monday, July 25, 2011


I was chatting with someone the other day and upon finding out that I was going hiking, asked if I was outdoorsy.

What does that even mean?

During the weekend of hiking and camping, a list was compiled of all the things that make someone outdoorsy. Turns out that this list was very much in my favor.

Has a National Parks Pass - check
Can sleep on a huge rock - check
Is tan - check
Can hike - check

BUT - I don't own a sleeping bag. I have never started my own campfire. I don't own anything that was purchased in the camping section of the store except a backpack and a chair...that has a leg rest. I like to be outside during the day, see the stars at night, but sleep in a bed and be rested for the next day. I really enjoy showering in warm water. I like wearing makeup. My car has 4 wheels, but that's as off-roading as I can and probably should get. I do like granola bars.

Here I am at an outdoor play...outdoorsy, right?

Look at this view...incredible. I love this.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Want to go to Tooele?

How's that for a line that you hope you never have to hear?
Mel and I were figuring out an adventure for the day when that came out. Sure, why not? So we went for a drive to Tooele.

A couple months ago, when I worked, my Tooele resident co-worker told me about a drive he took with his family to see the big copper mine. But he said it would have to be done in a 4 wheel drive. Not that I've ever had to prove to someone something, but I decided I could do it.

We found the road that led up to the Oquirrh Mountain Overlook. And up we went. It was such a beautiful drive. We even saw 2 deer. The mountain was soooo green and the water was gorgeous. And the little corolla made it up just fine. Interesting. We got out and did some hiking. When we got back to the car there was a cop. We chatted a bit, and then drove further and saw this:


We passed a lovely Asian family driving a rented RV, were in awe at this:

And then passed another cop. Saw a chopper. Saw 2 more cops and a Fox 13 News vehicle. Passed another cop. A car stopped us to ask if we'd seen any law enforcement. We were going crazy trying to figure out what was going on and why we weren't being questioned, or at least asked to help with something. Finally, we made the KSL news guy tell us what was going on. Apparently a man had crashed his ATV and they were trying to find him. They still could've asked us some questions. We passed a few more officials, and then ended up in Herriman. I think.

Such a beautiful drive. So proud of that car for proving it's worth. Still a little buzzed about the hope of being questioned...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Here's a brief summary of my trip to Idaho

inadvertently matching with good to see her!

such a good firework grateful for a truck and little bodies to watch it with, and for America.

fun little adventure with the kids...we later got kicked out of the landfill.

my thoughts exactly...I love being at the ranch!

10 Years Already?

Yep...I had my 10 year high school reunion this weekend. I never even thought about having a 10 year reunion, so I had zero expectations.

Of the 3 events planned, I attended the ice breaker on Friday night. I realized as it got closer, I didn't want to go. The family was all gathered at the house, why leave that? But I went, and I'm very glad I did. There weren't very many people, but it allowed me to talk to every person that was there. I think. But I wasn't the only person who was nervous to go. One of the girls I walked in with was so nervous, and opted to stop at the bar before meeting up with everyone.

When we were seniors, we filled out a paper that listed our favorite movie, favorite memory, who we wish we would've kissed...etc. Mine couldn't be found...I don't believe I didn't fill that out :0) Just going through the stacks of papers and reading everyone's names was so much fun. People I hadn't thought about, but the names were so familiar.

Let me highlight Troy. His last name is close to mine, so we were always sitting by each other. I was chatting with him and he laughed...and I remembered that he has this little giggle with his laugh. He was surprised when I mentioned this, but I told him it was a good thing. I had forgotten this, and made me realize how much time I actually spent with this kid...and countless others.

Someone did ask "So how have your 10 years been?" SUCH a broad question, but it's made me think. They've been great. It seems like a too big of a number to say it's been this way or that way, but what a ride it's been. There have been a lot of suck moments, but way more fantastic ones. I've done a lot, been a lot of places, met a lot of people, wasted a lot of money, worked on a lot of relationships...I think my 10 years have been quite full. After talking to most of these people, it breaks my heart to realize all the pain they have been through. But they still smile and continue to do good in their lives.

Here's to all those that helped make this a huge success, and to all those people who made up my everyday life...some for 3 years, a lot for 6 (we'll count junior high).

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fablehaven Book 5

I finished the series. This book took longer for me to read...only because I've been in Idaho with the family for the past 10 days. It was hard to get alone time...for which I am not complaining about one bit.

This book was fun...and some good romance right at the end.

It always amazes me that an author can be so descriptive and carry on for pages about the smallest detail, and then be so brief when it comes to the huge events that all the little ones have been leading up to. The resolution can always be pretty short.

My dad finished the first Percy Jackson book (which I love) and we both found it interesting that the bad guys always know right where the good guys are...which in these books are young kids/teenagers. And how did this group of people get so much power and have so much capacity to defeat these monsters.

But I love them anyway.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I finally found a new place to move (after my landlord sold his house and decided to move back into my house...and only gave us 20 days to accomplish this task...) It was a difficult time this time around finding something. But after beating out a toothless girl, here I am! The move went smoothly...until the bed wouldn't fit down the stairs. Uh...

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my roommate and we were talking about not owning anything and she confessed to not even owning a bed. I paused...since we were in her room, and she was on a bed. Excuse me? Yep. She owns a frame (kind of princess-y), and an air mattress. I got really jealous.

So when I couldn't fit my bed downstairs, we made a trade. I know have a frame and an air mattress and she has a bed and box springs. It's totally fantastic! I love it.

But here are some pictures of the things that I will miss about my last neighborhood:

The beautiful view...

The Roman Guard...

The Culture...

The Panda...who is conveniently dressed up for the holiday.

Happy 4th of July!!