Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sexual Harassment

At my work, I gave them my 2 week notice.  And this was right before my new manager left for Iran for holiday.  She came back and got nervous that I only had 4 days left of work.  So yesterday, they hired Seth to come in. 

A lot of cologne and a few hours later, he asked about smoke breaks.  Clearly I don't smoke, so I go to ask my manager and she says we don't have smoke breaks.  A little while later, she lets us know that it's okay, but please don't smoke where anyone can see you.  Cool.  But he didn't take a break and you could see him get so nervous and agitated.  It wasn't until a commercial was on the tv playing "yankee doodle" in a very flute-like manner, that this agitation exploded.  "What is that sound!?!?!?"  Wow.  I stepped back and explained to him the tv.  Wow.

Before I left for lunch, I was informed that he wasn't going to be asked to come back.

Why?  Because he's a smoker?

Nope, the boss wants a female to answer the phone.


Yep.  That happened.
Just another reason I am glad to be leaving this job.

Oh, and the replacement we got's his sister. 

Monday, July 9, 2012


First off, I bought a new pair of shoes.  But it's like I got 2 for 1.  I can't consistently tell what color they are. Sometimes they look black, sometimes they look brown.  Fantastic!  But also annoying.

One of the new shirts I bought has been begging me to wear it.  I have almost worn it several times, but decided that I would wait for the 4th of July.  It's important to wear a cute outfit on this holiday, as with any holiday.  On July 2, I was looking at it hanging in my closet.  Admiringly, of course.  I noticed the tag.  "Julie's Closet."  What are the chances?  How precious.  It was meant to be.  Then I noticed a little extra print: MATERNITY.  What!?!?!?  I totally tried on a maternity shirt AND bought it!  I could not stop laughing.  Mentally, I tried to shirk the meaning.  It looked fine in the dressing room.

My mom does have an interesting observation though:  clothes for pregnant women accentuate the belly.  Clothes meant to hide the belly aren't found in the regular clothing sections.  Guess I found that out...and bought the maternity shirt.