Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Several years ago, this beauty was introduced to the world. It makes perfect sense. Who hasn't been cold while reading a book, but didn't want your entire arms to be freezing cold while holding the book? Or didn't want to put your arm out of the blanket to change the channel on the tv?

Well, this product speaks to me.

For my birthday, I got a snuggie. Brown. Then, a few weeks later, my friend John made me one - imagine that! A homemade snuggie! Today, at my work's gift exchange, I got a "Fuzzie Wuzzie." I was so excited...even though I really wanted that Belgian Waffle Maker. But how great is my life? I am now the proud owner of 3 snuggies! The newest version even has Velcro on the back AND 2 pockets!

I am a happy girl.

But I quickly want to be mad about something for a second. Originally, with this gift exchange, I had received the waffle maker. Then a co-worker wanted it for his wife, so on his turn he took my present, and I in turn took the "fuzzie wuzzie" from another co-worker.

My complaint is that I need household items. I just barely bought my first blender. My pots came from DI and I only have 2. I don't think it's entirely fair that just because I haven't been married yet, I have to establish my entire household all on my own. I don't think it's fair that 18 year old girls get every appliance handed to them, and I have to budget in when I get my next appliance so I can function as an "adult." Is it okay for me to go register at Target?

That's all. It's just a bit annoying. That's all. And I really don't need anything for my kitchen...I'd feel compelled to have to make food.

Maybe if I collected men instead of snuggies I wouldn't have this problem :0)

Monday, December 13, 2010


On Friday night, I was on a date. We ended up at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square and listened to an A Capella choir from a local high school. They rocked the show. The first number was a version of jingle bells sung to "O Fortuna" from "Carmina Burana." (a little shout-out to junior high school when the band played it with the choir) That song starts out loud, and this A Capella group busted out all sorts of instruments. Apparently it was a bit loud for one of the guys that was with us. He pulled out his earplugs and enjoyed the muted performance. Turns out he always has a pair of earplugs with him. Life is sometimes just a bit loud for him.

I'm still highly amused.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Thanks to my real life friend Mel, I now have 6 really good fake friends.

Last night I finished watching season 10 of "Friends." I watched all the seasons - except for the first 2, but that's okay. Turns out, I had watched a lot of the episodes before. I didn't realize that I was home a lot on Thursday night to watch that show when they were originally aired, and that the reruns are always to easy to watch. My first year of college, I remember walking home past all the apartments in the complex and seeing "Friends" on every single tv. So classic.

It is quite fulfilling to know how they all ended up, the last episode was always a mystery to me. It made me very happy for all of them, except Joey. And I'm excited to know that I can reclaim my life...unless someone has another tv series they'd like me to watch...I still need to watch the last season of LOST. Overall, it's been a good experience and I'm grateful for those friends :0)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rooster Tail

I have a lovely cowlick that causes me to have rooster tails every night. I didn't want to put my hair in a ponytail this morning and it actually looked like my hair was going to cooperate with no rooster tail...wrong. After just coming back from the bathroom, I have some volume on the back of my head. The hair is now in a ponytail.