Sunday, August 5, 2012

Looking back

Last week I had the pleasure of going home to Idaho for a family reunion.  It was such a fun week.  The first day, we all loaded up on a travel bus and drove up to Jackson WY.  Beautiful up there.  We did some hiking and listened to the Bar J Wranglers.  Perfect day.  As I thought about the experience, I was led to this train:

Last month of so, I attended my dear friend Carly's wedding in the Mesa AZ LDS Temple.  After the ceremony, the sealer had the beautiful couple look in the mirrors that are on either side of the alter.  "What do you see?"  Carly: me.  Laughter ensued.  Apparently the right answer is "us" followed by "eternity."  It's a pretty cool thing to think of yourself as in the middle of endless reflections, which encompasses the teachings of eternal marriage.  

As we sat on the bus, almost all 50 of my family members, it really brought into perspective what this means.  My parents stood at the front and looked back at us.  Without them, and their decisions, we wouldn't be here.  We wouldn't all be packed onto a bus, being loud, singing ridiculous songs, laughing, eating laffy taffy, putting small children in the overhead bins, falling asleep on each other, talking, and watching a movie without sound because the driver didn't know how to get that to work.  Because of their diligence, they are very literally standing in front of a mirror that will extend for eternity.  With the people that they love so deeply sitting there, this is what eternity can look like.  Seeing faces.  Knowing the people.  Enjoying the ride.
Kind of a bad shot, I never got to the front, that's where the adults sat.  That's a mess of kids.
Check out this talk:
 Gerrit W. Gong, "Temple Mirrors of Eternity: A Testimony of Family", Ensign, Nov. 2010, 36–38