Thursday, November 1, 2012


I was fortunate enough to a really versatile wig for Halloween this year. 
Top picture is me as...a teacher that I had in elementary school.
Second picture...housewife, but others  thought I was Betty Crocker, Julia Child and Mrs. Fields. 

Story #2

Well, we luckily have moved on to the next story of this season of online dating.

This guy was super cute in his first email that he sent to me.  Next email, he cuts right to the point and says "would you like to get to know me better?"  Uh, I guess so, that's why we're on here, right?  So I send him back a big ol' email with lots of information gladly given about myself and asked him several questions.  And how does he respond? 

Here's my number.
Texting is a better way to communicate

First:  I appreciate his boldness
Second:  Validate my information I just shared with you, and answer me.

So I didn't respond.
He manned up and answered my questions and jumped through my hoop.

Yesterday he texts me.  It was a simple, easy conversation about stuff.
This morning, 730, he texts me:               Oh, and spelling has not been modernized.  H = him, M = me

H:  So if you were in an ideal situation how many kids do you think you would wand
H:  By the way i am up late and up early
8:48  M:  Wow...quite the question for so early in the morning.  2 of my friends are pregnant right now, and hearing the stories of children.  haha.  I would just be honored to be a mom.  I can't say a number.
8:50  H:  More than one ?
8:50  H:  No work today ?
8:51  H:  I forget are you 31
8:54  M:  More than one would be great.  Working today. And I'm only 29.
8:55  H:  Am i too intense for you
8:58  H:  only 29 very young .. Getting a lot of 40 and 50 year old guys sending messages ?
8:59  M: Too intense? Just quicker with questions than most.
9:01  H:  I like questions.  Asking and getting asked questions .. I can tell more about a person by what they ask than how they answer a question .
9:02  H:  And yes i can be rapid fire .. I bring high energy to an environment . Not loud just high energy
9:03  H:  My talent from my father in heaven is being a dad .. I was born a natural at it
9:37  H:  Are you smiling at any me this
9:40  H:  Any of this i ment .. Ok ill be calm its just boring .. I do not own a tv . I rarely watch movies . Any time you would like to stop talking with me just
9:40  H:  say or ill just keep going
9:41  H:  Never mind a wont be calm
9:48  H:  My brother just told me i need to compliment you more. What do you think ?
12:31  H:  Hello i little too much huh
12:32  H:  Do you have lunch the same time every day
12:36  H:  I like to push buttons when i first get to know people see how they react
1:17  M:  Wow.  You sent a lot of texts. Less is sometimes more. And pushing buttons isn't awesome :0) And I take lunch whenever it works out.
1:19  H:  Cool .. Ill leave you alone now . Thanks for your time-honoured
1:20  H:  Ha ha time .. Phone added that . You are now deleted
1:36  M:  Wow.  That was fast.  Ok.  Take care.
1:38  H:  I am fast but we wont work .. I am looking for a wife .. You take care too

Ultimate speed dating relationship. 
It was exhausting.  I'm glad I got to come along with him for the relationship.
And what exactly about this conversation let him know that we won't work out, and also that I'm not wife material?  Not replying to messages quickly enough?  Thoughts?