Monday, August 26, 2013

day off

This morning, I decided to take the day off of work.  It's been fun just hanging around the house, not doing a dang thing.  And all that sleep I got...probably not healthy, but I really enjoyed it. 

I finally cashed in a coupon I've had for almost 2 years for some cookie dough.  That won't make it here for a while, but yahoo for getting things off my "to do" list :)

At different times of waking up, I thought of several activities I could do today.  I could go tan by the pool, figure out a pinterest project, clean the house (this one won, and being the queen of distractions, I am sitting in the middle of several clean up projects, but my shoes are nicely aligned), read a book, catch up on journalling, find a new job.  Oh well.  I am blogging.  Kind of close to all of those, right? 

Here are some pictures I'd like to share:

 The night before the Rim to Rim Grand Canyon hike with some of my sissies.  Which, they definitely aren't.
 One of the funnest things I've done in a long time - family scavenger hunt.  Here we are outside the Idaho Falls LDS Temple - one of my favorite places on earth.  Such a beautiful building, inside and out, and what better way to be there than with 4 of my favorite people :)
"Kayla, go climb on that tree!"  And then she fell off.  Sorry.  Beautiful hike to Fossil Springs.

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  1. *Gasp!* Sounds like a nice idea. I should try it sometime. Perhaps even my blog would get updated then. :)