Thursday, May 31, 2012

A knife little story

Last weekend, one of my favorite people came to visit me.  Okay, she really came for a wedding, but I got to pick her up from the airport.  We will call her Ginger.  She really is one of the best people I know, and she thinks I'm funny and great, so naturally, I think the same of her...but it's legitimate.  Plus, she makes me do and say silly things that I don't normally say.  It's a good relationship.

We hit up the local flea market.  This place is HUGE!  We looked around for such a long time, enjoying the fancy t-shirts, belt buckles, head scratchers, and various Arizona paraphernalia.  We ended up at a cooking show.  It was perfect timing, because the demonstrator was just getting ready to let us taste the food.  We somehow became friends with the demonstrator and enjoyed some good bantering.  Then came the raffle.  I got to pick one of the numbers, and I picked Ginger's number!!  It was a fancy bread knife.  I was jealous.  Luckily, she regifted it to me!  How about that?!?!!?  It's actions like this that determine best friend status.  That, and TSA doesn't allow knives.

So, if you need bread cut, let me know.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I keep myself on my toes

Sometimes I think I'm pretty normal, and then, the 10:00 hour hits, and all bets are off.  Today's example...I decided that green beans would really hit the spot.  What?!?!  And they did!  That's the worst part!  Slightly disgusting, but surprisingly tasty.  It may be time to go to the grocery store.

And, I came out of retirement.  I'm regretting that choice, but hoping the retail therapy that will happen when the first paycheck comes will help me cope with that decision.  It's not an ideal job, and I may be overqualified for it, but who doesn't like the opportunity to answer phones, stock coffee flavors AND get micromanaged?  That's what I thought :0)

BUT, I discovered a few things in my driving to work: 1) it's hard to drive and eat cereal, especially when it comes to drinking the milk. 2) 97.3 FM is a 24/7 comedy radio station.  How grand is that!?!?  Laughter really makes the drive go by quickly. Technically, this is a couple of things.  I'll keep my eyes out though and share them as they come. 

Friday, May 11, 2012


I finally finished LOST.  It has been a long time.  I started season 1 at Thanksgiving of 2006 and last week finished the final season.  I can't say that I was totally pleased with how it ended.  Much too sappy.  But it was a fun ride.  And it was even better that I would convince my roommate to watch one more episode.  Every time.  Overall, I have learned that I never remember the flight number on all my trips.  Ever.  I have tried, and it just isn't in me.  Yet, everyone on this island, and many others do.  How?  I've decided to not make this a lifelong goal of mine.  And I'm not going to try and remember who everyone on my flight was.  Although, I may be willing to name future children after some of the characters. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dear Abby

Three questions have been going through my head all day long and I can't make sense of them.  If you have any counsel, please feel free so give me some advice :0) 

Dear Abby,

1) if you were to be outside, and you hear a person berating their dog, and possible throwing rocks at them, what is the best way to handle the situation?  I chose to not do anything, which I'm not condemning myself for yet, I'm sure that will come later.  But I haven't ever dealt with this before, and I really have no idea how I should've acted.  If it was a kid, you bet I'd say something.  Is a dog any less than a kid?  Did I really see what was happening?  Nope.  Breaks my heart.  Ok, the condemning is coming.  Dang it.

2) how do you respond to a person that you don't like?  Each time you are around them, you find yourself being less nice.  Clearly this person doesn't deserve to be treated as such, but I can't shake it.  Advice.

3) and lastly, someone wants to move in with you.  You know it's not going to be a good situation.  And the potential for not getting along is pretty high, yet you are desperate to have someone help pay rent. And maybe it won't be that bad and you just have a tendency to make things higher drama than they need to be.

Dog-tired of not coming up with any answers.