Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Vacation

Sadly, I don't have very many images to share. The other ladies do. I'll give you more in the coming days.

Stars of the trip: Megan, Kevin (Paris only) Heather, and myself.

What a great vacation! It was so beautiful! Everything was in bloom and so it smelled good too. I've been asked what my favorite part was. Here is a list.

1. Coke. Always so much better in foreign countries.
2. Crepes. Even though one of the vendors in Paris mistook my "lots of nutella" for "lots of coconut with a small amount of nutella," it was still such a perfect snack to eat...especially while walking down the streets of Paris.
3. Exploring the grounds at the Palace of Versailles.
4. The flowers in bloom - that smelled way better than Europe normally does.
5. The fields of green and yellow on the train ride through France and then getting to Switzerland when all of a sudden there are just mountains everywhere.
6. Mountains. They are so majestic in Switzerland. Wow.
7. Having "The Hills are Alive" and other Sound of Music songs for the entire trip.
8. Running in the Alps, and being surrounded by trees way up so high, feeling the warmth of the sun, and hearing the local bells of the church peeling.
9. Reading a book on the banks of Lake Geneva.
10. Tasting Swiss Switzerland.
11. Having the neighbor at the condo ask us to quiet down...and by extension late night talks and laughs.
12. Deciding to go to Italy, taking the drive and then just sitting on a rock on the Mediterranean soaking up the delicious rays and eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich.
13. The trees in bloom. Everything was so alive! The trees had the best blossoms. The meadows had pretty yellow, pink, white, and purple flowers.
14. The beyond fresh air that I couldn't get enough of.
15. Flying business class there and back. LUXURY.

It was an incredible journey. It made me feel so peaceful and centered. There is a lot of power in the mountains, unplugging, and just letting yourself be where you are.

Sounds like...

A guy on the other side of my wall...the one that brushes his teeth at 12:40...he sounds like a character from Garfield and Friends. I just can't pinpoint which one it is. left shift key has decided to stop working. I get a few capital letters out of it, but not consistently. It's really throwing my typing groove off.


After work, I got a phone call from an old roommate, who invited me to come over. It was so sweet. And then she followed it up with an invitation to do yoga. Heck yes! So we did a little "Candlelight Yoga" with Sarah Ivanhoe. I have one of her videos (yes...the actual video) and it's really good. I greatly enjoyed my time with Erin and the time we got to share with Sarah.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Know That My Savior Loves Me

Yesterday I was talking to my 4 year old nephew on the phone, and the subject of primary came up and the songs he likes to sing. He was encouraged by his dad to sing this song. He is such a sweet little kid, and there was meaning behind the words, 100 percent. He knew every single word. I hope I can always hear his little voice singing this. The words are powerful.

I was introduced to this song almost a year ago when I went to my niece's baptism and got to play the piano. I heard these kids sing it with such gusto. A few months later, I was in primary with these kids and heard them sing it again. I was deeply moved and felt the spirit testify of these truths.

I know He lives, and I will follow faithfully. My heart I give to him. I know that my Savior loves me.

Happy Easter. He lives!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I was referred to this article:

It's very interesting. It talks a lot about choices and how, when searching for that one and only, it's not based on consumer choices, but on deeper qualities. And we're not really taught how to figure that out.

Another friend referred me to this:

Very interesting.

At the end, he addresses the difference between freedom and paralysis in choices. A fish can have everything offered it...but if it cracks that fishbowl, to see the world...the fish becomes paralyzed. We have to have limits in our lives. That's where the freedom comes. Or, the example of the kite. It's cool to see how high it can go, and thinking that letting go of the string will enable that, you quickly learn that it won't keep going. It comes back down. It's paralyzed.

I'm not being super eloquent, but I love these concepts. Read...listen...enjoy...share your thoughts with me.


...this is where I'm going. Yay!!

Friday, April 8, 2011


The other day, I was on facebook chat...and something good happened! One of my dear friends from my mission sent me a message.

This lady is phenomenal and a rock star. I met her in Kentucky, and I loved that she always wore her sunglasses. Her husband wasn't a member, but she came every week to church with her adorable little kid. I left the area and a few months later, in a different area in Ohio, I see her again. She had moved to my area. It was like seeing a family member! So priceless. We would chat during church, and she'd make dinner for me and my companions. I just really got along well with her and was so blessed to get to serve in two different wards and interact with her.

When I got this message from her, I was beyond shocked. Her husband is getting baptized tomorrow! It still makes me cry! I am so happy. A series of events - from a member of the ward introducing him to someone that he was in the ward, reading President Bush's biography and his decision to quit drinking, to one bold missionary just asking him to get baptized. This guy is taking it on! I'm so happy! AND, the icing, is that this wonderful lady just went to the temple in December, and she has a firm belief that this is a direct blessing to her choice to obey what the Lord has asked. AND he'll be able to baptize their boy! She kept forgetting to tell me, and so I was so grateful for facebook chat :0) Turns out he always liked me and wanted me to know. Who doesn't like to hear that?

I am in love with missionary work and the feelings it brings to my life. It has blessed me deeply and I know it will continue to.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

day at the show

Yesterday, I skipped out on work a little early and headed to the movie theater to see "The King's Speech." It was just re-released with fewer swear words, putting it in the PG-13 realm. Thank you movie people.

Since it was a matinee, I got a great deal...but then went ahead and spent my life savings on junior mints and a diet coke. Ridiculous.

The movie was so very good, but one of the highlights was the company who we watched it with. Me and my friend were the youngest, in our 20s. Everyone else was in their 50s-90s. Only 10 of us total in the theater, we luckily all sat right next to each other.

I don't think I've ever heard so many questions , or side conversations at a movie theater. They were loud. At one point, I was giggling about something, and the guy in front of me turned around and asked I was laughing because of ... And I said yes. Which then made me laugh harder. I didn't know I needed to tell others why I was laughing. It was a nice interacting time with everyone. And yes, everyone can hear you :0)

Odd group of theater goers. Really good show.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

oh, the joys of it all

I did just write this post, but it has disappeared. I wish I wasn't the antithesis of Kip. I hate technology, and it hates me :0)

BUT, here's my story for the day. After not having the Internet at home for the last year, I have been liberated at my new place. Internet at home is fun. Because of my sabbatical, I have not been on Facebook chat for over 1 year. I got on and within 3 minutes, a girl, who I have avoided for 3 years (wow, I'm a brat) immediately popped up on chat and asked how I was, did I still have the same cell number, so I have hers still, can she text me right now? Wow. So she texts me and I let her know that I prefer Facebook.

Then she asks if I am dating anyone, do I have a bf, do I like blind dates, can she set me up with her friend. Wow. I say sure, why not.

This is 10:30 at night, and who should text me, but her friend.

Him: Whats up julie? This is ...
Me: Hey! How are you?
Him: Pretty good. What do you do for work? (the friend had asked earlier, and didn't understand)
Me: I'm a paralegal. What about you?
Him: Im a sub custodian. How many people in your family?
Me: Where? I'm the youngest of 9. Can we chat tomorrow, I'm on my way to bed.
Him: Granite school district. Yeah. Get a good nites sleep.

Wow. He was ambitious about texting me and wanting to know the essential details about me.

On my way home from work the next's the next conversation...

Him: Whats up julie? Me: Just driving home from work. You?
Him: Just hanging out at home. How was work?
Me: Oh, just fine and long. You?
Him: It was good. So what part of idaho are you from? (5:31)

At this point, I didn't really want to respond, and I was with Megan to do taxes and Switzerland stuff, so I didn't.

Him: How long have you been a paralegal? (6:27)

Him: Are you mad at me? (7:35)

Phone call, 7:40, message sounded very irritated and rushed, asking me to call him.

Are you kidding me?!!? Sorry for being busy and not getting around to your, oh, so important questions. And really?!!? What would I be mad about? Annoyed would be the better word :0)

------ Today -----

Me: Sorry for not getting back to you yesterday.
Him: Its ok. Can you text while your at work?
Me: I prefer to not.
Him: Ok. Do you want to text later tonite?
Me: You can call.

First off...did he just use "your" improperly? Why do these things happen to me?!?!? Secondly...tonite?!!? Interesting.
Thirdly...I should just be totally bold and say I'm not interested, but I know the dating gods will look unkindly upon me for denying this. That's usually how it happens. It's like Beauty and the Beast, somehow. BUT, I probably won't answer his phone call. And then I just look like a jerk. I'm glad he's taking the counsel of the prophet seriously...but maybe the follow up talks in conference could be about how to actually show marriage is a priority and how to interact with someone.
And lastly...don't make plans with someone to text them. Call , don't do anything or just text for fun. Fair?

That was a long story. Kind of makes me laugh a lot though. I sometimes get scared at the interactions I have with the male part of the species. :0)
I keep telling the married people in my life that they can be jealous of my life. Not super convinced that they are.

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Address

Well, my year of independently living has come to an end. No more keeping the bathroom door open upon every visit. No more knowing that all the dishes are mine. No more constant talking to myself. No more quite so many candid moments. No more leaving all my stuff out. As I was sitting in my apartment while cleaning and packing, I was just contemplating how it's been to live by myself. It's been so much fun. That apartment was a fun, good little place for me. And as I sat there, all tender feeling - the neighbors turned on their water. They have the loudest water, and I really can't hear anything whenever they turn it on. And I think they might bottle water up there. It's always on! The moment passed, and I am so glad to be getting out of that apartment. Then, as I was going to sleep, at 1:00, their stupid dogs start running around the apartment and it sounds like mosh pit. I got angry. Definitely not going to miss this place. THEN, my sweet friend came to help me clean and made me feel sad for leaving. It's been fun running over to her house, and vice versa, and just having a fun friendship with her. I will miss this place. I will miss seeing the people that have made up this chapter of my life. I will miss the 10 minute commute and all the extra sleep I got. I will miss my yoga room. I will miss just being alone and having my own space. But, after having my apartment checkout, and having to pay for the dumbest things (including the little tin dishes on the stove), I vowed to never live in an apartment again. So, as a 28 year old, starting tomorrow, here's to the next chapter. Here's to the next adventure. Here's to maintaining relationships. Here's to blooming where I choose to be planted. Here's to sharing stuff again. And happy birthday to me :0)