Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weddings and Bowling

                                          waiting outside the temple with some handsome guys

                                                             She's so in love with him!!

                                                         The family, minus the missionary

                                                                 We'll call him J. Crew

                                                            Love this reflection pool shot

                                                                  Handsome nephews! 

                                                                 Nephew, self, Mom           

                                                                  Nephew, Dad, Sister

                                                            my Dad has such good form!


                                                                    self, Tim, nephew

I had the awesome experience of going to Idaho again for my nephew's wedding.  It was so fun to go on vacation with the family to Boise for the wedding.  We all stayed at the same hotel - so fun to see the little kids swim.  The wedding was perfect.  Loved it.  My oldest brother and his family drove over from Idaho Falls that morning...made it in time for the 9:30 wedding.  Sacrifices :0)  Hung around in the freezing wind taking pictures.  Ate a lot of chips and salsa, and drank me some diet coke - with orange...way better than lime...maybe not way better, but fun.  Did some bowling before the wedding reception, where I dominated.  I have never done that well before.  I think it was the good luck of the wedding...sure wish that would've manifested itself in some other way :0)  But I guess that would be a good tradition to start, instead of whoever catches the bouquet being the next up for marriage, the person with the highest score gets married next?  Any takers?  I did win both games.....  The reception was fun.  3 of my lovely Aunties were there with their husbands.  It was soo good to see them!  I even got to see my parents dance.  How often has that happened.  It was adorable.  We even had most of the family dancing at the end.  So fun!  Drove back to Idaho Falls after a quick sacrament meeting (where I saw a friend from college, small world, and of course my parents knew the bishop).  Road trip.  Good conversations with my parents and sister.  Fun memories.  Getting lost in the mall and to the reception.  A little bit of everything.  I sure love my family!  


  1. Sounds fun! Makes me wish I'd have documented more of the "little things" about my sister's wedding weekend!

  2. You only missed 2 pins the whole game! Amazing!

  3. Julie you totally drove through Pocatello and I didn't get to see you. :( I'm glad you had fun in Idaho though.