Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Grown Up Feeling

Let's take it back...a lot of years.  Up to 20 of them, actually.

Me and my brother Bryce are at the local pizza hut with the family.  We're just discussing things, and a neighbor comes up in conversation.  Tom.  When he eats pizza, he puts the red peppers on and doesn't even break a sweat.  We speculate it's because he's Mexican.  Or we think he is.  It's either that or Italian.

But I do remember thinking how cool it would be to one day be a grown up and get to eat pizza with red peppers on it.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at "Barro's."  A delicious pizza place by my work.  As I struggled to shake the peppers out of that little container that doesn't seem to emit any thing very easily, I was thrown back to that moment in pizza hut thinking in awe about how great it would be to be like Tom.  And there I was.  I had grown up.  I had become Tom.

And then, I was in Idaho Falls at my parents house. I heard the fire alarm going off.  As my heartbeat went out of control, I was no longer a bona fide adult.

The fire alarm in my parents home is electric.  Whenever the power went out, and subsequently came back on, the alarm blared.  Not just a normal beep.  But a blood-curdling sound.  The alarm was positioned right outside my door, and I remember waking up at night to that sound, terrified that our house was on fire.  It never was, but I usually had an emergency kit all packed up just in case I needed to jump out of my window.

When I heard that noise, yes, I was transported back to 20 years ago, or more, and got scared.  I couldn't go back to sleep.  And luckily, the power kept flickering, so I heard it about 10 times.  Then, I remembered that I don't like how windy it is in Idaho.

Every positive move towards adulthood is countered with a step back to...not adulthood.

But hey, at least I can rent a car!

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