Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Book Report

I would like to report on a book that I recently read.  "Killing Kennedy." 
The same authors that wrote "Killing Lincoln." 
Both books are a very fun read.  But I will say I liked "Lincoln" better.  Maybe because so much of the information seemed so new and exciting.

"Killing Kennedy" profiles intensely the last few months of President Kennedy's life, and Lee Harvey Oswald.  But also including so many of the people of the administration.  I learned so much more than Mr. Davis ever taught me in American History about the Bay of Pigs and the Cuba Missile Crisis.  There was a lot of crazy stuff.  And Lee Harvey Oswald was an ex-pat who asked to have his citizenship revoked while he was serving as a marine in Russia, becoming a citizen there.  Weird.  He actually admired JFK a lot, but he had something to prove after a missed assassination and a fight with his wife.  Never knew.  Plus, I learned more about Jackie.  I wrote a paper about her in 9th grade...hopefully my research skills have improved since that paper.  Also, I don't know how badly all the papers submitted could have been with as poorly written as mine was...and I still got a solid A.  Regardless...I learned a lot in this book.  Makes me respect what happened more, and also made me cry to read it all.  That family has seen a lot of tragedy.  I definitely recommend it...the book, not tragedy.

And it may have caused me to have a few dreams about the assassination.  I remember one specifically...I was giving JFK a pep talk for how cool it was that he didn't die immediately, but lived a little while longer, and died at the hospital.  "You totally nailed it" I vaguely remember myself telling him.  He was quite gracious and thought it was a good point that I brought up. 

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